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LASAA Launches 2024 Mobile Advert Permit, New Website and Logo

LASAA Launches 2024 Mobile Advert Permit, New Website and Logo

The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) has officially launched its  2024 Mobile Advert Permit along with the unveiling of a cutting-edge website and a refreshed corporate logo. The strategic move underscored the Agency’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, enhancing user experience, and maintaining relevance in the dynamic landscape of outdoor advertising regulation.

Commenting on the initiatives, Prince Fatiu Akiolu, the MD/CEO of LASAA stated that the Mobile Advert Permit, a QR code secured by encryption, is set to revolutionise the registration process for branded vehicles in the state. The unique code, containing brand type, number plate, and permit year, ensures authenticity and compliance. Verification is streamlined through LASAA’s customised QR code scanner, available both online and offline.

He said that to further facilitate ease of doing business, LASAA has decentralised the registration process. Clients can now register their branded vehicles conveniently at any LASAA branch office across the State or online using the SAuto platform as a way of bringing the service closer to their homes and offices.

His words, “Today’s launch renders all existing branded vehicle permits obsolete, prompting clients, both prospective and existing, to commence immediate registration and permit renewal for the new year. LASAA emphasised strict compliance to avoid potential vehicle impoundment, with enforcement teams deployed across Lagos for comprehensive coverage.

“In tandem with the Mobile Advert Permit, LASAA has also introduced a technologically advanced website designed to elevate user experience, streamline navigation, and simplify interface interaction. The optimised site, visible in search results and fortified against security threats, aligns with the Agency’s dedication to technological innovation and enhanced service delivery.

“A pivotal aspect of the launch is the unveiling of LASAA’s revitalised logo, symbolising a forward-looking approach while maintaining the Agency’s core values. The redesigned logo reflects LASAA’s pivotal role in shaping the outdoor advertising landscape and adapting to the evolving dynamics of Lagos State’s business environment.

“Today marks a significant leap forward for LASAA. The Mobile Advert Permit, our new website, and refreshed logo are integral to our commitment to efficiency, innovation, and maintaining the highest standards in outdoor advertising regulation”, Prince Akiolu said.

The MD/CEO, therefore, invited stakeholders, clients and the public to explore the new website, engage with the Mobile Advert Permit system, and embrace the refreshed LASAA brand, noting that the initiatives collectively reinforce LASAA’s position as a leader in the outdoor advertising regulatory space and signifies bold step into the future.

The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) is the regulatory body responsible for the control and management of outdoor advertising and signage displays in Lagos State. In its commitment to excellence, LASAA plays a crucial role in shaping the visual landscape of Lagos through effective regulation and innovative solutions.

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